Time: Sunday the 30th. of May at 3 pm.

Place: Lokalerne Enten-Eller, Carl Plougs Vej 4C, 1913 Frederiksberg C.

Price: 150,- (mobil pay to 28 26 01 09)

Duration: 50 min. + possibility of taking part in a post concert dialog.

Language: English

Talitha Ferri:
Talitha Ferri is a channel for intuitive language and sound. She currently guides sound journeys and vocal activation, using music as a modality for healing, exploration, and transmutation. Every transmission is unique and improvised. By liberating the voice through raw and authentic self expression, she seeks to expand the boundary of self awareness and perception.

C. F. Damgaard:
Since 2001 C. F. Damgaard has dedicated himself to exploring the literary art of Søren Kierkegaard – how it might actually be lived in everyday reality and how best to share it with others.

There are very few seats available. 12 people will be seated on meditation-cushions and 6 people on chairs. When your make your reservation (by mobile-paying to 28 26 01 09) please note which seating-option you prefer. If the event is sold out the amount will be transferred back to your account. The latest you can make your reservation is on the day before.

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